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By El Barto
NazNomad wrote:I should add a few notes about the photo of mine from above...


Inside is a copper t-piece with lengths of copper pipe about 1ft long, drilled with little holes along the top surface.

I assumed this would displace the steam more quickly and evenly around the wooden box. Now, when you open the box, it's pretty damn foggy in there, but I honestly have no idea if the pipework inside makes it better/quicker/easier or not, I never tried a 'before' test without it.

In the sides, along the joint of the two pieces of wood, I banged a row of 3'' nails (one row on either side) to support the wood during the steaming process.

Worth noting that where the wood rested on the nails, it did mark the timber I was steaming (not a problem for me as the marks almost sanded out and were inside an instrument with a tiny soundhole anyway, never to be seen again).

Next time I use it, I'll replace the nails with small dowels or bamboo skewers.

Again, I assumed raising my piece of timber off the bottom of the steam box would be ''more better'' and I had to do it anyway because of the copper pipe I'd installed in there.

My steam generator: Nothing I would improve or change there, it worked perfectly. Gas burner / pressure cooker with the valve removed / washing machine hose.

There's a washing machine tap visible, I installed it to keep the steam out of the box until it was properly mental boiling, Again, I have no idea if it's necessary.

Just a few notes from having been there, done that. Albeit infrequently.

Try it, if it ain't working then try summat else, it's all a laugh, innit?

Oooh, important addendum: Don't write 'THAT' on it if you have children that use the internet. 8)

Nice. Thanks for the info. How long is the box?
By NazNomad
Claymore wrote:... what did you bend the wood for?

Amongst other, smaller things, I bent the side for this Langspil.


I suspect most people have never heard of a Langspil (I hadn't, until I had?)-
By Aden30mm
Installing a steam ledge, I've used 10mm dowels along the sides. So I've got two dowel ramps allowing me to place up to 2 inch stock thickness, on two levels.

I thought about a pipework gallery to distribute the steam, but will we how I go when I first raise some steam.

As I have the same space issue in my workshop, when not in use, it will be kept wrapped up behind my shed. As I've used latch its a pretty durable material.
By NazNomad
Don't forget some decent gloves, that wood get frikkin' hot in there. :-D

... and make sure you are all set up and ''ready to bend'' as soon as it comes out of the steamer.
By Hot stuff
What's the pressure cooker capacity versus steaming time required ratio like? I know the wall paper steamers fairly chew through water but they switch off automatically when they run dry.
I presume you need to rely on the noise the cooker is making?
This is all fascinating as it's on the to do list of experiments for this year.
By NazNomad
Good idea with the condensate diverter, mine just pished out through all the gaps :-D

... and as above, pics of what you're making would top it off nicely.