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By samej1987
I am missing the riving knife off my Startrite ta 145. The advice is that is should always be used if possible. I can see the knife in the manual but no-one seems to sell it online. I could have one made if i had one to copy but with nothing i'm not sure what to do.

The TA 275 ones are available but i'm not sure it would fit, i'm guessing its for a larger blade so wouldn't be great.

Is there a suitable aftermarket one? Thanks for any advice.
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By Ttrees
If you decide you'd like to make one instead you could make a template with some hardboard or something rigid enough to mark out from.
I suspect a rigid enough cardboard would work even.
On my 275 there was an old riving knife that was too thin and had lots of bends in it.
I put off working on the riving knife until I got my saw setup and working as I was expecting it to be a lot more difficult than it was, until I had it mounted.
This was because nearly all of the videos I'd seen on mounting one seemed a really flimbsy affair.
This is certainly not so on the TA 275 :D , It is rock solid and very simple design
I doubt the smaller startrite knife mounting design would be any different.

One thing I might consider when making another, is making the knife unable to dismount if loose
for some reason, from human error, because it is very rigid.
I just mindlessly copied the design that has its mounting slot with an open end to potientiently
fly out, instead of what I've heard which Steve has mentioned here before...
A knife that is captured, so you have to install it sideways, instead of just plunging down into the slot location and tightening up the bolts.

I have another chance to make one soon so I will go this route.
I dont have one to copy from this time around, nor is there any info on the saw on the web.
But I do have a blade for the saw :D and that's the essential thing to make a template from.

Good luck
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By sunnybob
if you are cutting long planks then a riving knife is vital. you shouldnt even cut a plank untill you have one.
If youre cutting things like plywood or mdf that is very rigid, then its not so important, but You definitely need to find a pattern and make is asap.
By sploo
If you can't find one, then it shouldn't be too hard to make a cardboard template with a radius a bit bigger than your blades, then transfer it to steel. The critical factor is that the thickness should be wider than the plate of the saw, but thinner than blade kerf (the width of the teeth).

A jigsaw with a metal cutting blade should handle the rough cutting, as you'll only need a sheet 1.5 to 3mm thick (depending on your blades), and then filing, grinding and sanding should finish the job.