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By 9entry
I have just acquired a Startrite 18-V-10 bandsaw which I am converting for single phase use. The bandwheels are worn in the middle so that the blade will not track properly. Does anyone know how to re-profile the rubber tyre - or somewhere I could get it done?
By iajon69
Have used these in the past and very happy with the service. They are local to me but I believe that they also do a postal service.

Recovery Rollers
Unit 11, Western Industrial Estate, Ponthir Rd, Caerleon, Newport, Gwent NP18 3NN
Tel: 01633 430814
By 9entry
Thanks for the contact - waiting to hear from them
By mastupeppe
hi 9entry,this bandsaw work only rubber?because when I had the bandsaw I used the cork on the was more lasting and easy to clean,and when the blade don't straight truck,whit a little sandpaper so adjusted.
but I see what at the moment all is change,and probable what don't find neither the cork.I regret the cork for bandsaw.

By tigerturnings

If you do decide to go for cork for the wheels, Scott and Sargeant has a range of "rubber cork" for bandsaw tyres here. I've never used it so can't comment on ease of application or longevity, but Scott & Sargeant seem to deal mostly with industrial users so it ought to be good. It looks to me like you'd also need some suitable adhesive, possibly the adhesive listed there.

By pepi
I have come up with an unorthodox solution that is working!

I have an old Discovery which has an air conditioning multi V grooved serpentine drive belt that is 25mm wide by 3mm thick.

After cleaning the old wheel up, I cut & glued the drive belt on to the wheel, reversing it so the multi V section was facing outwards. I did this using Locktite 480 (rubberized superglue with about 8 seconds open time). I glued one end first and then worked my way around the wheel in sections keeping pressure on the joint as I went. I joined the ends with a 45 deg. Cut with the upper part of the joint facing away from the rotation direction.

After 12 hours I ran the bandsaw up and tested the job. It is still OK after a weekend of use and showing no signs of wear or delaminating.

Hope this may be useful . If anyone needs more info let me know.