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Slow start as usual this time of year for me, hopefully things will speed up with the coming seasons and a few less winter diversions.

Did manage these in January,
Yew, 190mm high.

Yew, 180mm high.

Pear 195mm dia.,
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By Dalboy
Good to see you having a little time in the workshop. I do like the platter/shallow bowl nice colour in the wood
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By Dalboy
I must confess that the bottom shape I am not sure about on a lidded piece but as a bowl yes it would work well for me that is :wink:

Even so it is good to see you doing some turning. All I have been doing is cutting yew into bowl rounds so I have plenty of 12" blanks from 2 1/2" to 4" thick plus whatever else I can get out of the rest
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Hope your Yew was from some better specimen trees than the lot I 'm just retrieving from store Derek.
Looks like the wastage rate is going to be significant without resorting to thin CA by the bucket full and I'm resigned to not bothering on that score.

Dried out fine without drying splits but the tree must have suffered growth stress over the years as several ring layers are not bonded together and separate readily, frustrating when these 'bond' defects follow the folded grain that form the most interesting features.
There is a very big disparity in ring growth thickness as well with a period of 10+ yrs. at something like 0.2 mm per yr. & the bulk more normal 3 to 4mm.
You live and learn, should have taken more notice of the green stock instead of getting lost in the euphoria of slabbing up the logs.
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By Dalboy
I have seen what could possibly be a couple of pieces that have some signs of splits. But maybe able to cut those out
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By Dalboy
Blimey Chas are you making up for lost time :lol: :lol: :lol:
Some very well turned pieces but then I expect nothing less from you :wink:
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Thanks Derek, not really achieving much lately, just trying to fit the odd hour in between other commitments.
Don't like disrupted lathe time that does not result in walking out of the shed without a completed item, I like to have a contiguous flow of decisions and process when on the lathe.