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A little different on the tooling control front this one, the blank being predominantly end grain from a branch joint made hollowing somewhat slower going.
Yew, 97mm dia.
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By Dalboy
As always some great pieces Chas.

CHJ wrote:Tried to get a slighter lighter feel to the form of this one.

I like the slimmer lid on this one just suits the form.

The coin really shows the size of some of them
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Having a bit of a 'lidded' phase at the moment for a change Derek, have been exploring turning sequence to try and find simplest method of finishing off and removing chucking registers, also lid proportions.

Going to have a go at a few bigger diameter versions, been trying to get reasonable grain match across body and lid without resorting to the extra work of an inserted location lip to reduce material loss after parting off.
May have to give a bit more thought to lid register on bigger diameter pieces due to possible shrinkage ovality developing.

Dalboy wrote:The coin really shows the size of some of them
As they say a picture paints a thousand words, visually registers better than a plain dimension.
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By Dalboy
I am busy restoring a cheap wooden fire surround for a family member as I get given free wood from them so a little return from me. Then hopefully back to some more turning Have a few ideas I want to play with
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Dalboy wrote:Like both of those especially the way the shape flares out to the top of the lid

Thanks Derek, wonder where I got that idea started. :idea: :)

Makes for easy lid lifting & with the use of hot melt holding spigots max use of thinner wood blanks
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By Dalboy
Some more very nice pieces I do like the spitoon shaped one, mind you one spit and it is filled up :twisted:

I am preparing some flared topped boxes at the moment
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Curve or not to curve, one of the quandaries with these little boxes, regardless of initial intentions the individual bits of wood seem to end up dictating the form more than they should, I guess serendipity plays a big part as to whether they are a satisfying form.

Both of those tested the resolve in different ways, took way too long to complete this morning.
The first proved that there is a limit to wall thickness that dry yew will accept and dumped its first alignment collar when finishing it.
The second just wanted to prove that it can hide a ray fault until trying to finish the last surface and needed a repair.
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By Dalboy
I know what you mean trying to do three or four different projects and two blanks ended up on the scrap heap as found splits right through the centre