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Had forgotten how tough dry endgrain Cherry was, took twice as long as expected to hollow this out.
A multiple branch crotch piece but unfortunately could not see any way to take more advantage of the branch junction figuring.
Cherry, 115mm diam.
By LancsRick
As always lovely work Chas. On the pin tray, what's the wood on the lower half of the lamination (not the yew)? I like the concave bevel coming up to the lid on your latest post to soften it all.
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The pin tray is all Yew Rick, the Yew wood all comes from the same predominantly Beech woodland on a fairly steep limestone escarpment with shallow soil, guess some trees grow quicker than others* or are influenced by exposure to pathogens or chemicals dependant on the water courses/springs adjacent.

*None of the Pale wood trunks have particularly close grain or hart/sapwood demarkation.
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By Dalboy
The cherry still looks great, especially with the inclusions. At least you are turning something I am working on garden projects at the moment. I have just finished the benches which you have seen as well as some digging and putting up a new rotary washing line. And amongst that managed to turn a box will post that tomorrow if I remember.
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Thanks Derek, a bit warts and all, but it's been accepted as being 'something different for a change', so got away with it.
Half a dozen small stumps of branch suitable for knobs or similar have gone into the ever filling 'those will do for' bin, the whole crotch nearly went in the firewood bin several times over the last 12 + months because of awkward shape.
The rest of that trunk will need some consideration for best use seeing as how dense & hard it has dried out.
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Another home dried oddball blank that's been shunted around for 8 yrs at least. The 'round' had acquired a 15mm + ovality & a frustrating under bark fissure that I've managed to loose in the shaping of the base.
Apple, 147mm diam.

Very close grained and good finish straight off the tools, like the cherry though very prone to show the mere suggestion of a cross grain scratch.
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By Dalboy
A nice bowl like the decoration around the outside that is the advantage of close-grained wood it takes good detail.

the nearest to apple is the ones we just made a crumble from and the missus will not let me near
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Raiding the store for some bigger bits of Cherry turned up some remaining logs of 'Aylesbury' Cherry which some folks might remember me acquiring in 2006 which I was able to mix with some other local Cherry that I planked 3 yrs or so ago.
Cherry, 155mm high.