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By wallace
Does anyone have a supplier for brass bar, I've done a good bit of online searching with prices varying quite wildly.
I need 1 1(2" by 1(4" 2m long
1 1(2" by 3(8ths 2m long
The best price I've found so far is £194 delivered and that was from metals4u. One place was asking that just for one length :shock:
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By Lons
Have you tried metal supermarkets on Queensway South TVTA ? I've bought brass from them but quite a while ago.
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By wallace
TFrench wrote:Is this for something forsberg inspired? :D Next you'll be asking for a rosewood supplier :lol:

I did my last pk 5 years ago and replaced the wood lippings with brass which I liked, also the infill strip that the protractor runs in is missing so I thought why not use brass.
I also got a set of double mitres cast in bronze which will look pretty cool once machined up. I'm looking around for prices to get them done. My local engineers wanted £3OO per section :shock:

I reckon rose wood would be more expensive than brass is, god knows how much it cost for the brass he used on the adjustable mitre fence he made.
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By wallace
Lons wrote:What are you making Wallace?

The PK sawbench Im making pretty at the moment was missing its infill strip in the sliding table. I'm going to fill it with brass