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By sunnybob
My 20 year old gas torch decided to launch itself from my hand to the concrete floor, so now i need a replacement.

i'm talking about this kind of thing ... geNumber=2

But cheaper would be gooder.

i need one with a solid soldering tip that slips over the flame when needed.
Dremel claim they are the only ones who make this.
i had one by "beaumont" which i believe I bought from B&Q. But cant find any reference to them now.
Any alternatives or meaningful opinions?

By meaningful opinions,,,,, there is a five star revue on amazon, where the guy says its broke and completely useless. NOT helpful
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By Tasky
sunnybob wrote:Dremel claim they are the only ones who make this.

A chef's torch style that also has swappable soldering heads, perhaps... but it's basically just a chef's torch and there's a million of them.

I bought the wife a Dremel Versatip (same idea as the Versaflame, but more standard design for gas soldering/burning tool), which she uses to solder her jewellery.
I myself have a cheapy Iroko 70w gas soldering iron, which does exactly the same thing but is smaller. My mechanic uses the bigger self-igniting version. All have been abused in various ways and still work fine.

All three were bought because the chef's torch ones got really bad reviews, especially DOA returns.
And I THINK the Chef's torches are much more expensive than the DIY versions (but much the same thing).

BUT, though I guess you don't have Aldi in Cyprus sunnybob, but they do internet/mail order. In ours just this week there was a whole bunch of small gas-powered soldering irons, about 20 quid equivalent I think.


By sunnybob
I have a pen sized one, but i like the bulkier one because i can let it free stand and then use both hands to manipulate the wires and solder.

Of course none of those are available here, so it looks like I need to find a courier (oops, a guest) to bring one over for me.
Aes, we dont have aldi but do have lidls, and sometimes they do have useful junk, but I havent yet seen any of these.
By sunnybob
No good, its another pen size and I want free standing.
looks like dremel has cornered the market.
By sunnybob
interesting, but it doesnt have onboard ignition.
So far it looks like the dremel is top contender
By gaz44uk
I have this one bit like the one you've look at but I find it being in the tin with the bits neat and all together, not cheap but it does a good job and it might be one of them cases were you get what you pay for. Some cheap nasty things about. ... g+iron+gas
By sunnybob
Gaz, its another pen type that i dont want.
Its sister (brother?) dremel versaflame with the stand up base is the one i shall be getting once i can find a cheap (free) way to get it here.
By -Matt-
I can't find one on Amazon (looked ona few pages) but check out "BernzOmatic"
I have one that is free standing like the one you're after and it came with a whole host of 'ends' for it. I've also got a pen type one from Aldi that actually isn't that bad, the tips for electrical soldering heat up really quick.
I've a small propane/butane torch, a MAPP one and an oxy/butane torch too but of course these are for real soldering. I can't remember the brand names of these for you to look up to see if they do what you're after.
By sunnybob
Matt, i think youve found my original torch. I must have misremebered the name.

I'm trying to find it in the uk but so far no luck. heres the american ad. ... SwW9RaWLb~

Thats EXACTLY what I had.
By -Matt-
And that's EXACTLY what I have! Haha, 'cept mines green with red buttons. Also purchased from B&Q about maybe 10 years ago. No idea on price, it was a Christmas present.

Edit: Found a pic. Datestamp says 30/11/2005 so can't have been Christmas.
I have no idea why I took a picture of it.
Or why I still have the picture.
By sunnybob
i dont know when I bought mine, but it must have been more than a dozen years. Mine did not have that top red button or the side one, what do they do?

I had to be quite nimble fingered. There was a black locking button under the rear red one which controlled the gas.
You had to hold the black one down against spring pressure to release the gas while pushing the red button which was the sparker. If the thing lit and you wanted to keep the flame going you pushed in the side silver button which locked the red one. Pushing the side button again released the red and shut the gas off.
Simpler than it sounds.
I regret dropping mine very much.