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By Doug B
Not posted for ages mainly due to Photobucket :x & also because woodwork duties have kept me away from the lathe but I thought I’d post up this little Padauk & Maple box I made before Xmas.

Hopefully Nev’s tip on emailing photos to myself will have re-sized them so they display.



This is the glued up blank before turning


Cheers, Doug.
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By Dalboy
Very nice Doug plenty of work gone into preparing the blank on this one. Did you have any problems with the padauk dust contaminating the maple
By gregmcateer
That is sensationally good.

The lining up of the squares of closed lid on the box is superb.

Well done, sir!
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By Brandlin
that sir is an exquisitely simple little gem that utterly belies the skill and attention to detail in its construction.
By Hornbeam
Lovely box. A lot of thought and preparation went into the blank and allowing for the pattern loss at the lid/base junction
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By Dalboy
Doug B wrote:Thanks for the kind comments, the contamination wasn’t bad Derek though both timbers darkened a little when finish was applied.

Know that feeling especially if you want to keep a lighter looking piece so tend to run a small test piece with finishes until I get the effect I want