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By sploo
TFrench wrote:Search youtube for thread milling - lots of stuff out there about it, plus lots of cutters available.

That's a different "angle of attack" though isn't it? All the cutters that come up on a Google search for "thread milling" are designed to be used where the axis of the cutter is parallel to the axis of the rod (or hole) to be threaded.

In the setup I'll create, I'd end up with the milling axis at 90 degrees to the rotational axis, so it'd need a single 60 degree v shaped flute, with the workpiece being spun (and I'd only be able to cut an external thread that way).
By sploo
Rorschach wrote:Oh I see. I was thinking parallel as well. Can you make it work both ways?

Possibly. Might be a bit complicated to mount the milling head that way, though I will need to remount it in order to do my planned large diameter cutting.