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By Mrs C
Stupid question for the day! How do you change a single line colour in sketch Up make?

I want to add some single lines to indicate grain direction on a surface, but I want to make them a different colour - can’t see how to do it!

Help, it must be really easy but I can’t see how! Sorry!

P.s. I am using 2017 version
Changing the line colour is not an option in Sketchup, the only thing you could try, is to create a texture in another program (paint or Inkscape, for example) and save it into sketchup, then apply it to the surface.
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By Steve Maskery
You can apply a colour to it and then, in the Styles Edge settings, change Edge Colour to By Material.
Picking up from Steve, I was wrong... and I have found another way, if you draw your line, select it, open up the Entity info window, then choose from the colour/materials option, you may need to bring colours or materials into your model for it to work from a pre- selection, alternatively edit in the colour wheel.

Line colour.jpg

Sorry for misleading you, and me, you learn something new everyday.