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By Hand Plane
Thanks for the responses.

I assume that to get the desired tooth set this is a case of 'suck it and see' and then note the anvil setting number for future reference.

(I'll be on the case in the near future when certain other things are off my back, but I feel a lot better informed on how to go about the task.)
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By Ttrees
Having made a good few mistakes myself on the first and.only.saw I've sharpened so far, so defiantly a saw sharpening newbie perspective.
I might aswell try and save your file some.
Agreed about watching Andy Lovelock's video a few times,I followed the recipie closely for my panel saw.
Made a similar vice, a few inches longer, that looks awkward but is a nice feature for resting your forearm on whilst sitting down .
Make those wee blocks longer than 3" if you want a point instead of a stub!
I made a batch of 3" cuts before knowing this.

I also noticed that the first tooth bends easier than the rest so go very lightly on the ends.
Another thing I learned was to make sure the test piece is level before establishing drift. Silly me.
Having Just bonded one of those eBay diamond 1000g hones to a bit of granite stove hearth offcut, I was happy to have just the job for it, and one or two extra swipes was the
Straw that broke the camels back.
Have too little set now, and will have to fix this when.I set up the vice again for a dovetail saw.

Just start at the finest setting and go over them again, if needed. I dotted the side of every tooth that was towards me, setting the shiny ones.

If you are doing an old cross cut saw, that is in bad Nick, study the teeth under a good light, sitting down comfortably, before you level the teeth with a file...
If it needs doing atall.
The cold can make one reluctant to sit down : )
Zone into those facets, I found making a crude drawing of the facets in relation to the handle, was well worth doing also.
E.g. Handle on right with facets starting on second tooth.from it.
They may disappear or be quite undistinguished if levelled beforehand.
You might find that a hard spot on the sawplate might take a bit of method to get a toothline
That's not concave, I had this issue and chose to breast or crown my saw slightly to counter this, /allow room for error.