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By Steliz
I don't know if it just me, as I can't find any other mention of it, but quite often (almost daily) I can't connect to the website and I get a 'server not found' page. Is the server frequently 'falling over'?
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Have seen no such problems from UK IP's , can only surmise the problem is associated with your location, or at least the IP you are currently posting from. (Hungary) not getting correct domain propagation information.
By sunnybob
Do you have ad blockers on your machine?

I had a lot of trouble recently not being able to find sites, or clicking links in emails. I changed my ad blocker and all is OK again.
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By Trainee neophyte
You could try changing your DNS server - it might be that the default service provided by your ISP isn't up to date, although it would be unusual. How easy that is depends on your kit - try the Google servers: and, because they always work, and I can remember them. If that solves the problem, then find a service not run by Google as a long-term fix, because Google.

More likely to be something local to your device, especially if it happens to more than one website. Also, is your internet connection intermittent?
By sunnybob
a while back, I managed to have 2 ad blockers active on my laptop at the same time (purely through my lack of software systems) and I couldnt access anything from favourites, email links, saved links. I had to copy and paste every address into the address bar to get anywhere. It took me a week to work out how to disable them, and then I realised one was more trouble than the other.
At the moment, all is well.
By Steliz
My internet service is rock solid and I do use an adblocker but oddly, this is the only website that I have any problem with.
If it is the adblocker how would I find the settings for that? I thought it was something to do with Avast but I can't find it anywhere.
By sunnybob
I found it very erratic, one day I would not be able to go anywhere, the next day most would work, then the two ganged up on me and it was so bad I almost binned the computer.
it depends what browser you are using, I am using opera. Find the settings for your browser and then click the "extensions" button. I can now switch either of them on or off whenever I want.
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By Trainee neophyte
Does Avast have a whitelist that allows you to enable ads for this site? You will get lots of Axminster and Screwfix ads, so not too much of a hardship.

Actually, I am guessing about the ads because I use Brave browser, which has the ad blocking built in, and is based in chrome, so mostly works seamlessly.

Trying a different browser will let you know if the problem is specific to your current browser, or if it is further afield.