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By JimiJimi
Hi all

Anyone have any experience selling on Folksy? I already sell some things on Etsy but wondered how it compares - traffic, user friendly, support.

Never heard of them, and I've been an ebay seller for twenty years so they can't have much exposure, so I guess sales are probably minimal.

But reading their blurb, they are strictly UK-only and seem like a nice setup with very modest selling costs so why not give it a go?

I'm all for helping UK businesses to grow.

By MJOriginals

I’m selling on folksy I’d just say that it’s slow but steady, if you keep your shop updated regularly it keeps it at the top of the search and you can link it to other platforms
There seems also to be a vibrant Facebook etc community going on I just wish I had both time and knowledge to get more involved
Martyn MJOriginals
By JimiJimi
Thanks both, I'll give them a go. Customer service can't be worse than Etsy anyway. And Folksy is strictly handmade, whereas Etsy has a lot of factory produced stuff creeping in.