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By Eric The Viking
I rarely use the Google search box (I find the phpBB one much better), but I just tried and got this as a search "result":

Linked CSEs are no longer supported. See

64-bit Firefox v56.0 (Linux). I do run NoScript, but it flagged nothing in this case.

I'm not sure if this is a config. error at your end or mine :-).


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By nev
Thanks Eric, its at this end, admin are aware of the issues.
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By Eric The Viking
I hate it when you get errors using abbreviations. I have no idea what a "CSE" is, linked or otherwise.

Unless you get another dozen reports, I wouldn't waste any more time on it - the phpBB search is still working fine!

cheers, E.
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By AndyT
Custom Search Engine.

I used to get this error but don't at the moment. It seems to be specific to particular versions of browser - I have had it when using Firefox and Opera, but not their current updates. I agree that it's not worth bothering about.