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By Lindas
Thank you Bm101, that’s a very kind thing to say. Scooby it’s raining in my bit of Manchester, which is actually Salford. That was funny about the paint, but I actually like painting and decorating. My plasterer friend thinks women make good decorators because they are more particular, this from the man who slipped down our stairs with a huge bucket of plastering slops!!
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By Lons
Lindas wrote: I actually like painting and decorating.

As someone who hates it but is too mean to pay a painter hows about you have a little holiday in Northumberland and do a bit of therapeutic painting. I've done quite a bit so only 7 rooms left here to paint, won't take long. :lol:

Should I go to Harrogate show on Saturday or paint? Show v paint? that's a hard decision. :wink: