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By Bm101
First dibbs on tbe stubbs then. Lol.
By Lindas
Any help with sorting this lot and pricing would be appreciated. I could put them into brand families and then sizes seems sensible. Then what do we think of pricing. I can’t put them on the market place here without a fixed price.

From the photos are they all saw sharpening files? Was there talk of not all triangular files being for the purpose of saw sharpening. Is that possible to tell from these photos?

Sorry to ask for so much help.
By MusicMan
That's even more files than I have!

Some of them look like saw files, but many are simple triangular files (the cross section is an equilateral triangle). A saw file has one sharper angle.

For selling, you might want to group them in batches by one maker, just a thought. You could sell them to gather as a job lot, but that's a BIG lot and you will probably do better to split them into batches.
By Lindas
Oh, this is only a very small file selection! Thank you for file info. I’ll try sort saw sharpening from none. Try I think being the key word!

Please contact Sammy Q and ask him to pass on the 2 E-mails I sent to him (as he requested), 1 last night, 1 this morning. Thanks.
By Lindas
Thank you AES. He told me he was contacting you. I know he has a fair bit on so I will wait to hear from him. It is really kind of you to help.

By SammyQ
Hello?? Call my name???

Sorry folks, working on a ladder outside all day, just got a (teabreak) chance to scan emails now. Will act on AES's emails later, probably 8pm or worse; job now at a critical.point, so have to keep going.

By SammyQ
Man....There are some big-hearted, altruistic, NICE people on this site. My deepest "Thanks!" in particular to AES for the long, informed reply when I asked him for help on Linda's behalf and the subsequent action he took to help her directly.

Thanks too to another well-known member (sorry, don't know if he wishes to remain incognito, but he's a first class fellow too) who weighed in on a different aspect of her hoard's complexities.

Linda has made a separate post on the kindness endemic to all you UKwoodworkers and I echo her sentiments; especially to what I mentally label 'The South Coast Mafia' 8) [ know who you are!] Without their help in the early days, I would not be as far forward as I am. The Bristol Coven are good sports too!

By Lindas
Hello everyone,

The sorting of the saw sharpening files is now progressing well. All sorted into brands or no brand. Some have been photographed and are being looked over by our lovely Ukw member in Switzerland.

There were some triangular but none saw sharpening files in amongst them and 3 with the military broad arrow so that felt historically interesting.

A load of the other larger files not photographed here and maybe 100 plus have been sorted ready for our tools with a mission pick up.

To Sammy and bm101 asap files will be set aside for you and I have messaged you both now.

So many many thank yous to everyone. Step by slow step dad's beloved tools are finding new homes.

By MusicMan
A lot of us derive pleasure from using tools passed on in this way. A couple of years ago I bought something from a widow in a similar position to you, Linda, then helped her move/sell/donate to TWM many of her late husband's remaining tools. I bought some of them myself, and though I never knew him, I think of him every time I use one of those tools.

I sometimes think 'dammit, this tool knows how to do this, so I must be able to use it the same way!'

By Lindas
We have been sorting out lots of things for TWM. I am so glad to know about them. Nothing of use to someone else will go to landfill on my watch!

My warmest wishes to all the kind people here.

By Lindas
Hello everyone,

I had a my first Skype call with AES re the saw sharpening files. So he has taught me about files and Skype and a little about Swiss language!

We sorted through the files. Saw sharpening from not saw sharpening. Damaged from not damaged and in good condition.

Next is pricing. What do you think they are worth in preowned good to excellent condition, some likely unused. There are branded ones and no brand ones so I guess they will be of different value. AES said the branded ones being old Sheffield quality makes are good steel (I think that is what you said AES).

I am pushed at the moment with readying a large skip load of cement bonded corrugated white asbestos sheeting ( some atop a shed, some dug in the ground) for removal by a company on 5th November but after that I can prepare the ss fields to offer to ukworkshop members initially.

Any help on valuing would be much appreciated. If more photos and makers details are needed I can provide these.

There are many other files too so a second question is would it be better to offer different files at the same time in terms of making up parcels. (And now I wonder about chisels and blades for hack, fret saws at same time). As i am stepping towards my first market place offering help with how things work would be really appreciated.

Thank you so much

By Lindas
I would like to offer some saw sharpening files to ukworkshop members but what might they be worth? They have been quality checked by AES and are good brands. Does £2 per branded files sound reasonable, or too much?
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By AndyT
I think at that price they will sell easily, assuming usage has been minimal and they are not worn out. You could charge twice as much for anything clearly unused.
I suggest you make up sets of sizes if you can. That way, buyers can cover their needs without needing to think too hard about which size goes with which saw, you minimise P&P and you should sell out quickly.
I already have a lifetime supply, otherwise I'd be in touch already to place an order.
I'm with you there AndyT!

Having already "seen" quite a few of these files during online Skype video calls with the lady, there are several files which if I didn't already have (more than?) enough, I'd happily make offers for - like, as an example, a pair of 10 inch Stubbs mill cut Dreadnoughts, which, within the limitations of video, look to be either unused, or only lightly used - and undamaged to boot (AND Lindas has now heard more than enough of my hobby horse about not ever allowing files to clang together)!