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By Honest John
I used my SC4 chuck today and it seemed very tight. In fact I had to look at the marks on the side to see if I was turning the chuck key the right way! I have both Sorby and Supernova chucks so none of them get a lot of use, and the RP one is the newest. I checked the manual and it suggested that a build up of dust inside was the likely cause and advised how to strip it for cleaning. No different to to my other chucksit seems, although I’ve never stripped this one before. The inside looked fairly clean actually but 2 of the 4 slides seem to me to be tighter than I think they should be. Anyway, the point of this post....... the manual says to liberally apply grease to the scroll etc before reassembling. Now I would have thought that a PTFE type dry lubricant would be the thing to use. Does anybody else use grease in their chucks?
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I go with the dry lube, if anything is designed to pack fine dust in the crevasses of the scroll it's grease.

It's not that the scroll mechanism is rotating or working under high speed when clamping.