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By MikeJhn
:mrgreen: One thought, these things are heavy do you need to move it around in the workshop, or will it stay in one place, worth thinking about before it arrives, RP offer a wheel kit at £59.99 if bought at the same time, there is no image of it, but I assume its the same as the other full height units i.e. two wheels at the back and a jack handle with wheels, if its a replacement for the cabinet and is the same as the push down version, don't bother its horrible, better to make your own box and put some lockable castors on the bottom.

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By NickN
A very good point Mike, luckily one I have been thinking about already and have been in touch with Peter at New Brit Workshop about his low profile castor carriage that he built for a planer thicknesser - so the plan is to build a modified version of this (with the castor beams at front and back to allow for the side opening lower cabinet door on the bandsaw). As the bandsaw table is quite high enough already the less added to the height by castors the better, really.

The added advantage of building my own is that I can make it a fair bit larger than the base footprint, improving the stability a bit.

However... I would be interested to know what people's experience of the RP full height wheel kit is (the one with the jack handle at front)? Looks like the castors at back don't swivel so that could be a nuisance.
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By MikeJhn
Peter's low profile carriage seems ideal, allows you to move in any direction, the non swivelling castors on the Record Power base's are a nightmare and drove me up the proverbial wall, they had to go, the rest of the unit for the 350 is to say the least of a lightweight construction, if you move your bandsaw a lot the wheels eventually distort to such an extent it will not work anymore, the wheels are mounted on a cantilever piece of metal that bends and puts all the careful adjustments made to make the unit work a waste of time.

Pic shows the original RP castors, the fixings are one bolt only each end onto a cantilever, very bad design, you can see the distortion of the sides.

RP castors.jpg

By bennymk
I for one will be very interested in what you think of the bandsaw after you've lived with it for a while.

For the money, it's does seem to be up there with the best.
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By MikeJhn
One of the nice touches I noticed was the allen key holder on the tower, at the moment mine are on magnets, but the holder is a much neater arrangement, will ask RP if they are available as an accessory.

Mike :ho2

Oak log.jpg

Just thought, get a nice piece of oak, drill it for the allen wrenches and epoxy some magnets into the back of it, job done.

Merry Christmas to one and all. :ho2 :ho2 :ho2
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By NickN
A very large and VERY HEAVY (150kg) box arrived today - luckily the pallet delivery driver was a helpful chap and we carried the box, just, into my shed, where it now sits awaiting unwrapping.

I think I'll video it in case anyone is interested? Charging camera batteries up now.

Once I get it unpacked I'll measure the base unit and make a castor trolley before getting it properly set up.
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By MikeJhn
I think we are all interested in this new departure for Record Power, they sound as though these should be the new standard for current Bandsaw's.

Keep us informed.

By Roland
So what do we think about the Sabre 450?

The spec looks good. Yandles Web site says “Available”, although this might mean “to order” rather than “in stock”. I’m tempted to drop in when I drive past Yeovil on Monday.
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By Peter Sefton
I took a good look at a Sabre 450 before Christmas and for the price it looks very impressive. I have not used one and the showroom one was not powered up but it has some good features.

I thought the guide bearings looked easy to set up and well thought out both above and below the table. The upper blade guard trunnion was well engineered moving smoothly. The top wheel looked solid with good adjustments for both tension and tracking.
I think my biggest concern was the new fashion of blade guarding and long slots for blade changing, getting a blade on and off the machine may need three hands. The fence easy adjustment for drift would cause problems in a teaching workshop, I just know it would be accidentally be adjusted all the time.

It will be interesting to see how this new bit of kit stands the test of time but things are looking very promising for RP. I feel they have gone through a cheap period of manufacturing but are heading in the right direction. If they can keep upping their game when so many are heading the other way they should do well.

Cheers Peter
By siggy_7
Roland - I was at Yandles last weekend, they had a Sabre 450 on display to have a good look over so would be worth you dropping in I suggest.

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By NickN
I hadn't planned on posting this until I got the thing up and running, but as getting the castors and wood for my castor platform has taken longer than expected, I may as well put the link here so anyone interested can at least see the build of the Sabre 350 close-up, even if not actually fully assembled or running yet.

So far, impressions very favourable, and that includes the excellent instruction manual which, after years of having got used to badly photographed badly printed manuals with instructions to "Thank you for buy our easy to installation product, we invite you cherish to care it, and to prevent injured, only battery assigns care on the charge", is a breath of fresh air.
By Neil S
When I bought my 300E the guy in the shop advised that I cut it out of the box as you have done then chock up the bottom of the bandsaw off the floor on blocks. You can then attach the legs/base easily without fully tightening any screws. Once its all assembled you can finish tighten all the base nuts and bolts. It's then a simple matter to just tip the bandsaw up onto its base. This saves assembling the base separately and trying to lift the heavy bandsaw onto the base only to find holes don't line up correctly.
This method worked well for me.

Enjoy your new bandsaw!


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By NickN
Well, after a busy few days, Part 2 of my Sabre 350 unboxing and assembly is ready for viewing. The video starts with building of the base cabinet, followed by the custom castor trolley (similar to a New Brit Workshop design) and then assembly of the saw including table fitting, rip fence rail, handles, etc.