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By tollektap
Just joined the forum and would appreciate some advice please .

I inherited a Record lathe with Sorby chuck etc three months ago, and enjoy woodturning and pen making in particular so looking to update.

The Record lathe is fine but would like to have a variable speed model as opposed to a belt change model.

The Sorby chuck is somewhat worn and needs replacing.

Would appreciate members advice on replacing with a new Record variable speed and new Sorby Patriot chuck or are there better options, please ?

This is for purely hobby use as opposed to being used in a professional workshop situation.

Thank you.

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By nev
Hello and welcome.
Performance (and price) wise RP or Axminster Variable Speed lathes are on par with each other, both companies have excellent customer service and theres not a lot to choose between them. RP have a 5 year warranty which may tip the scales in their favour. If you're feeling extravagant Jet lathes are a step up.

If you are happy with your current lathe apart from the speed changes you can purchase variable speed kits/ conversions from the likes of Haydock converters to adapt it. ... n_kits.htm

The Patriot chuck would be on anyones Christmas list.
By Random Orbital Bob
+1 to Nev's comments and also have a close look at the RP new (ish) SC range of chucks. They're good value for money and compatible with any jaws you have for your current Sorby chuck. They're considerably less expensive than the Sorby range
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By Honest John
The Haydock converters route is a superb upgrade, but is not a cheap route. I put one on my RP Nova 1624 some years ago and it totally transformed the machine. It did however cost in the region of £500, so you need to factor this cost into your considerations just in case there are other issues with your lathe. eg want a bigger swing over the bed or a heavier build or whatever. My Nova conversion required a new motor. Your lathe may not and may therefore be cheaper. Give them a ring. I thought my original motor was ok, but only when the new one with the speed control was fitted did I realise what a good one felt like. It’s just so smooth and fully justified the £500 outlay. I use supernova 2, Record Power SC4, and Sorby Patriot chucks. They are all good and the jaws are interchangeable. The Patriot is a little dearer than the other two, but in my opinion has a better build quality. I would be happy to use any of them however ther is very little in it. Sorby’s commitment to customer care is exceptional, and that fact alone would be enough to sway me towards their product. If you already have a Sorby chuck and think that there is something not right with it, call them for advice and you may be surprised at what they will offer to do for you. They have a great pride in their products. Welcome to the forum by the way.
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By stewart
+1 for Haydock Converters, unless you want a new lathe! I would suspect you'd want to get a new chuck as well as most new lathes have a larger thread than the old Record one of 3/4 by 16...

Have fun deciding!!
By selectortone
I converted my Record Power CL-1 to variable speed with a Haydock kit and it totally transformed it. More power, much more versatile, especially with out of balance blanks that I could run up to the vibration point and then back off. Once you have experienced a lathe with variable speed there's no going back.

Haydock were really good to deal with and I would happily recommend them. Be aware though that it isn't a good investment in terms of resale value, as I found out when I upgraded to a bigger lathe.
By tollektap
Hello all.

Thanks replies

I think the best option is to buy a new Record variable speed then sell mine as this seems to be the most cost effective way.

Just tried to list it on here but unable to do so as it seems I need to have 20 posts before I can.