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By Lazurus
There are so many mixed reviews out there especially on the cheaper bench mounted models thought I would ask advice from someone who uses one - only required for small parts and i dont want to go to the expense of a bigger cfm compressor as well so what about these hobby type? any good. ... B00QWGJZZ2
I have the same model, a Clarke version, I had it connected to a 500 ltr industrial compressor, even that struggles to keep up for any length of time.
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By Lazurus
Ok what is the best general pupose media to get i didnt realise there was such a choice, mainly for rust removal and general cleaning.
By rafezetter
Rorschach wrote:Bicarbonate of soda is great for cleaning and it's cheap. Tendency to clump though so you need to keep it very dry.
Otherwise glass bead is fairly cheap and easy to come by.

I've used glass bead and it is effective, not too harsh, and not so prone to clumping either as sand (no idea why). Downside is you'll only get 2 or 3 uses out of it before it becomes ineffective, but it is very cheap: ... tYEALw_wcB

As an aside, once it's used up you can use it just like sand - mixed with soil / compost in pots for better drainage for those plants that like it, or bung it in the mix with cement :)

Edit - if you are unaware, don't skimp on buying an online oil / vapour filter such as this: ... xyVaBS2REa

I've got one of these and a large homemade pass-through container filled with dessicant granules set close to the end of the airline (details if requested), which eliminates 99.5% of the water according to the carboard test**, even after a sustained period of compressor usage (moisture builds up over time).

** cardboard test: run the compressor for about 10 minutes and keep bleeding off the air so the tank can build up moisture, then let it pump to full pressure and turn if off. Grab some cardboard, cereal box is good as it has no coating inside, and open it so you have grey cardboard showing and spray onto it with without any media until the tank is empty, if the cardboard is showing no signs of moisture at the end you're good to go, even with bicarb, which is extremely susceptable to moisture. It's not hightech, but it works for me.

Any signs of moisture and you'll need to address it.

soorry for the long post, thought I'd mention a few things I learned along the way.
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By Lazurus
Got water seperators and a 3 micron filter so should be ok, was looking at the 10" water filter housing to use with dessicant but wasnt sure if it would take the pressure???
By rafezetter
Lazurus wrote:Got water seperators and a 3 micron filter so should be ok, was looking at the 10" water filter housing to use with dessicant but wasnt sure if it would take the pressure???

You could always contact the manufacture and see at what pressure the PRV is set to, and can it be disabled?

They might have tech testing info if they did a failure point pressure test - could be worth asking.

It does look reasonably sturdy, but how much thread depth you have for connecting the top, and the thickness of the plastic walls are an unknown, if it's not much it won't handle much pressure.

If the manufacturers don't have the info you need, there's only one way to find out :) £15 isn't the end of the world - and it'll save you the time I took making my own.

I use colour change dessicant like this: ... 0404031308

It's been used and baked off loads of times, dunno if they ever stop working?

Oh even though it says "gel" they are hard, and stay hard when saturated.