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By linkshouse
Another one on a subject that is popular in Orkney.

Probably my last piece now before my exhibition and before gutting my workshop.

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By Claymore
Lovely Phill....... blimey your quick at making them now! by the time i have walked to my workshop you have finished another lol
Looking forward to the new look workshop, it should make you even faster. Ruth has put loads of gardening stuff in mine thanks to the storms wrecking the sheds grrrrrr I will have to fine a place to stash them so it looks less cluttered (Ihave some paint for the concrete floor but cannot see the floor for wood lol I will get mine sorted one day 8-)

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By linkshouse
Thanks, Brian.

I worked on the Puffin and the Ring of Brodgar at the same time so it only looks like a quick turn around.

Regarding the workshop, I'm going a bit Sketchup crazy at the moment. Sketchup makes it easy to try different ideas but then that can be a bad thing too as one can end up just playing around and never actually doing anything.
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By Claymore
What you need is the Chuckle Brothers to help with the Workshop me me you lol 8-)