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By J-G
Often we are very quick to berate a supplier that happens to have had a glitch in their operation that results in a less than perfect transaction and it seems to me that we neglect the opposite.

Last week I ordered three 12 x 3 x 3 'spindle blanks' from Stiles & Bates. I did not make it clear that I intended to use these to make boxes rather than turned work and one of the blanks - whilst being perfectly acceptable for turnery, - had part of one corner missing.

When I telephoned to appraise them of my concern that the item was less than suitable I was amazed that Janet simply accepted my explanation without even requesting a photograph of the blank! Not only that, she said that a replacement would be sent forthwith and that I need not even return the unsuitable item.

The replacement arrived today. :D :D

Fantastic service!
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By Dalboy
I agree not many suppliers get the credit they are due. There are many that I have dealt with that deserve credit, a couple of them I know personally and see them on a regular basis whether I am buying from them or not. And then there are the others that a phone call for something as simple as a general inquiry will get a fantastic response.
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By Doug B
I ordered a bed extension from Stiles & Bates over 16 months ago off their web site, the site didn’t say it wasn’t in stock but I received a phone call the day after to say it wasn’t but it had been ordered.
A few phone calls over the following months & I was promised around Xmas time that I would definitely have it by the end of Feb beginning of March, well that was a year ago, so whilst I’m happy for you J-G that they sorted your problem my experience of them is some what different.