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By finneyb
You might want to try the US woodturning forums Powermatic seems more popular in US eg Sawmill Creek and AAW.

By Duncan A
I've got the Jet 3520B which is pretty much the same (identical?) as the Powermatic 3520B.
It is very capable and well thought out but it is very definitely built to a price. Although many reviews describe it as excellent quality, I don't think it's as nicely finished as Vicmarc and other similar quality lathes.
All of the screw threads are UNC, which is a nuisance at times, the head and tailstock castings are fine but rather bulky, the spindle bearings are perfectly adequate but not as nice as Vicmarc. However the lathe is very simple to operate and was very good value when I bought it; I have no regrets whatsoever.
I did consider buying the Jet 4224B but thought the individual components were just too big and clunky for my purposes although it does have an Acme tailstock thread and spindle indexing, unlike the 3520B. Don't think it has full controls on a wandering lead, or a swivelling headstock.
If I was thinking of the Powermatic 4224B from Axminster, I think I'd also look at Killinger, Wivamac, Stratos XL etc for that sort of money. Or Magma Black Line Titan (in my dreams!).
Good luck