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By DaveL
Hi Stanley,

Welcome to the forum. :D

Unfortunately I have never heard of powerline band saws. :( Not a lot of help am I? #-o
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By Colin C
I think they are sold in Aldi's but I could wrong but if they are, you can try the address on the side of one of they power tool boxses :)
I hope it helps
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By PowerTool
Aldi stuff is,I think,PowerCraft
Have seen "Proline" as a brand name,but can't think where unfortunately.

Andrew (also not much help :( )
By dickm
bandsaw wrote:I have recently aquired the above bandsaw but with no user manual. Does anyone know where I can obtain one.

many thanks

The name "Powerline" and the BBS bit makes me think it is probably an old Burgess three wheel saw. I think Burgess disappeared into Record many years ago, so they <might> have something.
Otherwise, there were lots of articles on this saw in Woodworker and Practical Woodworking back in the '70s when these two titles had worthwhile content. If you don't have any luck, PM me and I can copy the relevant stuff from old mags.
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By 9fingers
Try here

I recently applied online for the latest Startrite catalogue and was surprised to find the covering letter was also headed 'Record Power Ltd' and the footer featured both Record Power and Startrite logos.

Incidentally, the latest Startrite machines were too rich for my wallet but on Thursday I collect a second hand Startrite 18-S-1 bandsaw purchased on ebay for a couple of hundred notes.


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By Adam
See some info here (powerline/burgess/record all seem to have amagamated) ... ht=burgess ... ht=burgess ... ht=burgess

The last of the three links has info about Little Sheffield.

I believe Record have discontinued support of the Burgress/Powerline models, but Little Sheffield were in the process of buying all remaining stock/spare parts.

Any questions, fire away here. Although I don't have a manual, we can probably help specific questions.
By bandsaw
bandsaw wrote:I have recently aquired the above bandsaw but with no user manual. Does anyone know where I can obtain one.

many thanks
thanks to all who repliedto my request but unfortunatelyno user manual but we can keep trying thanks again stan
By brian
Powerline BBS-20 Mk II - user manual request. My neighbour has one of these machines. I will ask if he still has the manual. Could photocopy / post if he can find it. I am currently finding him a source for the replacement band saw blades. I found this forum and your query through this search, so joined up as a new recruit.

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By Nigel
Welcome aboard Brian

By Rod
It seems to be very much like the machine that is sold as a Clarke model at Machine mart maybe some of their parts could be adapted.
By Tornado
I was recently given a Burgess Powerline Bandsaw BBS 20 Mk.2
What I would like is where to obtain a manual for this machine other than that anyone with any experience of this machine who could offer me some helpful setting up tips would be most appreciated.
I've only just worked out how to post a message on here......?
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By 9fingers
Hi Tornado,

Welcome to the forum. Whilst people here are generally very helpful, your first request is a very difficult one. As you will see people were asking the same question 5 years ago and getting no positive sources. I can't believe it is going to be any better now.

There is nothing very clever about these saws and to be honest, they are not very capable. A harsh comment maybe, but there is possibly a reason why you have been given it.

If you can describe the problems you are having, then maybe we can help. If you can add your location to your profile, there might be a member nearby to help.

Good Luck

By Elkana
I recently received a band saw by power line-burgess model BBS-20 mark 2
Does anyone happen to have its manual?
Does anybody have any instructions on how to set the blade?
Unfortunately I don't have the blade and belt and would like to know what is the blade size - length, width, thickness, number of teeth?
What are the sizes of the belt?
Is it possible to buy the plastic ring the saw passes through?
Is it possible to purchase any or all of these items?
I would love to have websites or phone numbers of stores, and will appreciate any help.
Does anybody happen to know where was the band saw manufactured?
Thank you very much