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By Claymore
I have finally got round to making a self contained Power Carving desk and pleased to say it work great.
The plastic tabletop is actually from a garden centre and is supposed to be a portable potting table but its ideal for powercarving with a 4" dust extraction port. This is the Potting tray ... SwRkRZ2UNJ

You will also need a 4" Spigot to attach your vacuum hose to and I found an old metal grill from a computer case that stops your pieces getting sucked up the pipe (for tiny pieces i just fit a piece of the fabric used to stop wood sliding when sanding etc......can't remember what they call it :roll: )
Mine is bolted onto the side of my 7ft x 5ft solid bench I made last year and I have my rotary tool (Proxxon) next to it and use a foot pedal to control it, it makes sanding and carving a pleasure and every bit of dust gets sucked away through the bouncy castle extractor. Its a cheap and easy thing to make and its ideal for carvers or Intarsia makers who do lost of sanding.
Here's some pictures that will probably make more sense than my waffling.
Powercarving desk (Small).jpg
powercarving desk close up (Small).jpg
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By Claymore
NazNomad wrote:Amazing what you can make with an old commode, nice job .

Cheers Naz :D I once made my mother in law a lovely photo frame from an old pine bog seat......she looked lovely gazing down on me while visiting the loo :lol:
won't mention what wood stain i used :lol:
By JanetsBears
Claymore wrote:Cheers Naz :D I once made my mother in law a lovely photo frame from an old pine bog seat......she looked lovely gazing down on me while visiting the loo :lol:
won't mention what wood stain i used :lol:

How can I unread something? :cry:

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By Claymore
will1983 wrote:looks good, can we have some more information on the extractor you are using?
I've seen the bouncy castle blowers on ebay but no information on volumes of air moved, audible volume etc.

Here's my recent post about the DIY Extractor as far as technical info on air volumes etc I haven't a clue and regarding the set up is quieter than my old "Proper" dust extractor that sounded like a VERY LOUD vacuum cleaner.bouncy-castle-blower-dust-extraction-cyclone-t109696.html
I tend to make things that i need and if they work its a bonus, its better than wasting money on something that the manufacturer claims to do the job when in reality very few do unless you spend ££££££££££££££££££££££££££.
My extractor is linked to a drill press/drum sander fitted, my scrollsaw, my bandsaw (the suction is there on the bandsaw but the dust collection ports need redesigning as they bandsaws case leaks air/dust all over) my bench belt sander and two bench mounted dust ports (as above) I can isolate any of the machines using my blast gates (if you close all the blast gates apart from the one you are using you get the full power of the blower which is like a jet engine so very powerful)
The blower doesn't get hot in use and I checked the two Hepa filters last night and no dust in them but around 1" of fine dust has collected in the metal cyclone/bin so its doing its job.
Sorry can't be more technical about airflow but its beyond my grey matter :lol:
Brian :D
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By will1983
Cheers Claymore.

I built a Thien separator from an old extractor induction motor a month or two back but due to the shape/size of my workshop I am considering building a second unit. I hadn't considered using a blower from a bouncy castle and was surprised to see how cheap they are used.

I am thinking the Thien unit could run my table saw, router table and small tool connection point with the second unit connected to the Planer, Mitre Saw, Drill Press and Mortiser.

I also have one of those cheap 50l drum type collectors but I hate using this as it is just to loud. Having been recently diagnosed with mild hearing loss I am conscience that I need to replace my noisy tools with quieter options, hence the Thien build.