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By pedrod316
Any one got any recommendations on plasma cutters? looking for one to cut 10-12mm steel fairly neatly

Any info appreciated
By julianf
Are you needing to pierce at that thickness, or can you come in from the side? Pierce will be a lot less than cut for any given machine.

I have an r-tech machine which is a lot nicer than my friends clarke of a similar on paper spec, but still, i do not find that the cut depth is as good as the specs make it out to be.

But it will all depend on your budget. I guess low end, take a gamble on one of the cut-50s from an ebay seller, then somthing like an r-tech, or a bit up, tech-arc, and then if you want to spend money, a hypertherm.

I dont actually use my plasma nearly as much as i thought i would. Sure, for some jobs, its spot on, but for most cuts i generally choose a different method. But it all depends on what you are up to.

Id build a cnc plasma with a hypertherm if i had the space or the application for one (or probably just one of those would do, and then id make up the rest...)
By pedrod316
No piercing required, have looked at the r tech & some from plasmapart, just not sure which !?

The other thing is the power issue , most decent size units require upwards of 16 amp? How do you power your one?

By marku
R Tech is very good we have one at work 50 amp model, we do run it from a 32amp supply but only because we don't have a 16 amp socket. Works well and a clean cut.