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By disco_monkey79
I have bought several lots of reclaimed parquet (one for my hall and another for my bedroom) and have been reading various threads on here about laying, cleaning up, etc etc.

To those who have laid parquet - with the benefit of hindsight - do you have recommendations for adhesive? Or ones you definitely wouldn't use again?

Manufacturer blurb is all well and good, but I would like to hear how they have stood up to e.g. several years of foot traffic.

FYI I intend to remove the old bitumen, and will be laying on to concrete.

Many thanks.
By disco_monkey79
Great, thanks! May I ask why you are lifting it? Just wondering if there's something I need to bear in mind.

Just googled it - did you use it in mastic gun tubes, or is it available in a tub to trowel on? Most of what I have read suggested applying adhesive to the floor and then going over with one of those "combs".
By munkypuzel
I've laid two floors in my house - Solid Walnut Parquet on a chipboard subfloor and Oak engineered with birch ply back and 6mm of oak onto a concrete screeded floor with wet UFH.

Both times i used Lecol 5500. So far so good been down a few years and doesn't worry me at all.

Incidentally the oak on UFH opens up and moves during the winter when the heating is on, but snaps back to perfectly flat and gapless in the summer..
By Jake
Here, F Ball F21 on reclaimed (scraped but not ocd clean) panga-panga - no issues at all so far (but to be fair only 3 years down) - cheap as chips compared to MS polymer stuff. As it's modified bitumen based it's quite smelly and messy going down, but as a dipping adhesive it is very easy and quick to lay provided the subfloor is sorted. I'd use it again with anything with bitumen residue, might be more tempted towards MS polymer (which I've used on other, but planked, floors) if using new blocks for the reduced smell and solvents etc.