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By bugbear
AndyT wrote: We could do with some threads that are not just further evidence that there are several different ways to sharpen!



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By Pete Maddex
Is that Jacob?

By Hackney Tools
Hello Dangermouse,

I'm sorry, I don't know. I've come across a lot of black metal tools, but that has usually come
about through the older guys wiping them over with oil before putting them away.
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By markturner
Hackney Tools wrote:Hi Mark,

Nice to hear from you. Would be great to meet up. Your bench is very nice!

I don't have a shop I'm afraid, I deal in vintage tools from a room in my house, haha. Stuff that comes
in and will go soon stays in the room, stuff that I want to hang onto goes in the loft. The long term plan
was/is to get enough good tools together to kit out a workshop space for not much money, but workshop
spaces in my neck of the woods are now so expensive, I'm not sure that's going to happen soon.

So the tool dealing and blogging has become a sort of therapy for dealling with a 'no-outside-space-house'
and it keeps me connected with the woodworking community. Although what I really want to do is start
learning proper traditional casework from the old chaps who have been doing it for years.


Hi Gary, just drop me an email or call, contact details are on our website, link in the sig......I have my grandfathers old toolchest with most of his old patternmakers tools....I am sure you would love a look. Let me know what you have currently for sale, cheers, Mark
By Hackney Tools
hi mark

I've sent you an email through your website. You will have received a newsletter by now about a few planes I'm selling, I also have a lot of very good saws at the moment, but lots more stuff passing through soon. Let me know if you want to meet, would be good to photograph your grandfathers stuff.