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Yes, I unscrewed it. Blew air in. Couldn't take it right off as the rotating metal piece at end of the spindle is in the way. Is it possible to get that piece off? I can't see how as it looks like it is firmly attached. Not much dust came out though.
Thats some terrible luck! any word from the person you bought it from? seems very coincidental to have an issue pop up just after purchasing it!

if no-one is offering you any assistance, personally i would take the thing as far apart as possible and check and double check each component along the way. Could be a really simple fix you're overlooking

I do have a VS system i built myself for my lathe but it's all separate and I don't have any experience with NOVA. What is the heat build up like just before it cuts out?
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By Walnut Les
From what I have read when the Nova lathes go wrong it is a costly fix.
They do say to clear the dust out by a sensor that's in them but they normally need new circuit boards put in them. (at a cost of about 450 to 500 pounds)
They can suffer with power surging problems so I always unplug my one when not in use and always have it plugged into a power serg protector when using it.

One thing that a few people have said that has worked for them is to unplug the ribbon lead inside the control box and refit it back in again.

I hope that you find an easy fix for your one and that doesn't cost you too much. Les
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After a lot of troubleshooting and calls to Teknatool in USA, I do have an answer. They are incredibly helpful.
It is certainly the circuit boards.
I have removed them with the expert help of Pete Maddex (one of UKworkshop's excellent contributors).
It also looks like the seller is liable for repair, so it might be that I'll be sending them across the Atlantic for replacement. It is expensive, but it does mean that I shall have a fully working lathe.
He is looking into PCB repairs locally, but I am not certain it will work out cheaper (or even possible).
I shall post more when I know what the final outcome is.