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By thetyreman
I have a vintage record no7 that gets a lot of use, I'd say get one.
By Nigel Burden
I have a 22 inch wooden jointer and find that does the job well. Like my wooden jack, which is considerably lighter than my Record 5 1/2, I would imagine that a wooden jointer is considerably lighter than a no8.

By Vann
Patrick's Blood & Gore wrote:#6 Fore plane, 18"L, 2 3/8"W, 7 3/4lbs, 1869-1970.

I've never found this size plane useful. You Satan worshipers out there might find them a useful prop during your goat slicing schtick by placing three of them alongside each other. Just be sure that they all point toward New Britain so that the number "666" results. Or, you can do your impersonation of Satan surfin' a six as shown in the image (Blood&Gore is very fortunate to have this image as Satan grants very few photo-ops these days).
satan_6.jpg (17.06 KiB) Viewed 175 times

The plane is definitely not as numerous as the #3's, #4's, #5, #7's, and #8's. Some guys prefer them for jointing, but the whole function of jointing is to run a longer flat surface over the edge you're planing, which the longer planes do. Still, it's a plane a smaller person may prefer, since the larger ones are heavier. The burden of pushing a heavier plane can be minimized, however, by doing most of the surface preparation with the jack, and saving your energy for the large jointers.

Just saying... :wink:

Cheers, Vann.
By MusicMan
I have a No. 7 but use it very rarely. It is heavy. For preference (mainly for lighter weight) I use this 30" wooden jointer, bought for £5 at a big boot sale, shown after a light refurb (just cleaning, waxing and sharpening):

30%22 jointer - after.jpg
By D_W
I'd be curious regarding what that plane weighs if you have a way to weigh it.