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By Phil Pascoe
I have known the guy at the market for 20+ years, and I give him a fiver late in the day every week or two for a sack of tatty vegetables - Moose will eat whole big bowls of cooked veg, especially parsnip, carrot, swede and beetroot. (That's the stuff that doesn't go into soups, stews etc. :D )
Ten months old tomorrow.
By Nigel Burden
doctor Bob wrote:Dr Watson in a hurry....


Not tried him on parsnips, he likes a carrot.

If he's anything like my daughters German Wirehaired Pointer, you don't get in his way when he's in a hurry. He doesn't go around, he goes through. :shock:

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By doctor Bob
Well little Watson is 10 months old and he is a nightmare chewer.
Plenty of puppies before him and of course some chewing, but this little pipper will chew anything 24hrs a day.
Estimate so far
10 pairs of shoes
10 pairs of slippers
1 seat
4 dog beds
3 floor mats
plastic cups x 6
1 plastic dog bowl
2 watering cans
40 small plastic plant pots
handles on gorrilla tubs x 14
handles on sports bag x 2
Hard hat
indestructible dog toys x 20 (estimate)
1 x acer tree
2 x small willows

There is more but I have just listed the ones which come to mind, Denise speaks to the other puppy owners and his mums owner ............ looks like it's a trait of the litter, one of them has done a sash window and a sofa!!!!!
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By Trevanion
Nah Nah Nah Nah...

Don't believe any of the bogus and phony "solutions" out there Bob. There's only one way to sort that problem out...


Chew on this :)