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By Trevanion
doctor Bob wrote:What will he weigh fully grown

Our last Rotti peaked around the low 60KG (I remember him being almost 10 stone) or so mark if I remember rightly, he was a right monster, very big AND very nasty :lol:.
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By Lons
Six months old on Oct 19th. He can already climb a seven foot wall.

Potential burglars have no chance of escape then. =D>
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By Nelsun
Here's Clyde aged 18 months. He's not a dog, obviously, but is dog-like in some respects (plays fetch and sh*ts mountains). My lad was measured just the other day at 1.3m tall for scale.Image
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By Trevanion
doctor Bob wrote:pic of him at the stables

That's a stoic looking pooch.