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By Alexfn
hi guys

i bought myself a mig welder, the best one i could find for the money came from poland, the only issue now is that i cant see that its possible to set the wire speed in normal meters per minute,

when i switch the machine to mig the wire speed dial actually reads out in amps it goes from 40 to 230

the only otter dials are for voltage and inductance

i know that normally if you turn up wire speed on a mig the amps also go up, but as its normally wires peed you set it at and i only have amps to go by im having to do a hell of a lot of trial and error

any pointers?

By novocaine
Amps or feed speed, Its always a guide that needs adjusting with trial and error anyway.

Is there are chart in the door to get you close?

If not have a google for mig weld amp charts.