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By TFrench
Been tasked with doing the wood infill on a gate my uncle has fabricated. It's a box section frame about 1.8m high x 1.2m wide that he wants 8 vertical iroko boards fitting flush into. I've got two main questions -
1. How much gap should I leave for expansion around the perimeter - I was thinking about 5/6mm?
2. Tongue and groove them together and bolt them on or bolt them on individually?
Never done anything like this so any pointers appreciated!
By basssound
What size box section are you using and are you going to put a flat bar on edge inside the box to place the timber face up to.
I don't bolt each individual timber as this usually ends up looking horrid, I much prefer to makes the panels in one large section and then bolt them in.
I glue and screw the boards together with a Z frame on the rear.
By katellwood
If you are boarding with individual boards then instead of leaving a large gap at one end for expansion I would leave a small gap between each board, thereby they look more proportionate in the frame, also in my experience Iroko has minimal movement.
By TFrench
I think its 50x30 box section. (It was a couple of weeks ago when we made the frame!) Yes, we have fitted a flat to bolt the timber to, along with the box section cross braces.
As you can see there's not room for a Z bar on the back. I was thinking if I do them individually we can just use small stainless coach bolts on each rail to hold them.
By basssound
For a frame that size you don't need the centre cross braces, a flat bar square frame welded inside will stop any sagging and allow you to use 18mm timber with an 18mm Z frame.
I would use 40 x 2mm flat bar for the insides.