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By martinka
I have had a stroke last September and it has affected my speech and right hand, so I have decided to sell my Hegner. I am putting it on here first to see if anyone is interested, if not I will put it on the tools page. I am asking £275.00 for it. I will take a photo of it.

By worn thumbs
I have no need for your saw,but I saw the post and would like to offer my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of a hobby following your stroke.I hope a fellow that enjoyed being creative can find an alternative way to express that creativity and I hope your saw finds a good home soon.
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By Droogs
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By George..
Hi Martin,sorry to hear of your misfortune , I had a stroke several years back and had to stop using machines and retire early. Now several years down the line I am virtually my old self again and am enjoying my time in my little garage/workshop.
Just trying to put a spin on life, things my change for you.
All the very best for the future.
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By Benchwayze
I can empathise with you. I had a couple of TIA (mini-strokes) last year. Not quite so serious, but it has affected my guitar playing somewhat, and woodworking has to be done sitting down, in case I topple.

Wishing you all the best and I hope things do improve for you.

By aramco
hi Martin sorry to hear about you stroke and the loss of your hobby, why not keep your saw for a while and see if you can get back to using it then it is something to aim for.

take care
By Scrollerman
Hi Martin.....
This saddens me to hear about your health problems. I know from your many posts here over time how scrolling was important, not just to you, but for the benefit of this forum. Although you can no longer scroll, please, with the help of your wife, give this forum the benefit of your knowledge with comments/replies e.t.c. as many newcomers will gain from your experience.
My respect to you from a fellow member of this forum.

+1 to the above comments. When I first came here Martinka was a regular contributor and always had something helpful to say. Really sorry you can't "work" with the machine any more, but if at all possible keep visiting here, and comment when and if you can - IMO always a welcome contributor.