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By Ttrees
Have a sore wrist at the moment, so doing f-all.
I started cutting some HDPE into squares for a mallet though ...(a future project)
and thought, I might as well mess around with some at the moment since I'm at it.
I don't have an oven at the moment, but I tried anyway with the hob :)
Cutting a TRESemmé (black) bottle, and a few of the original 5 litre water bottle caps (blue)

Heating this stuff up on the hob in a tin can, in the frying pan, near full blast,
it ends up forming a skin on top, so you have to mix it up ....
All going well, and I thought I was getting it all melted up, enough to make an OK job of it if left a little
longer, maybe another stir or two when all the coating on the bottom of the can came off :shock:

The only thing I could do, was to bond the contaminated bottom of the blob onto the clamp first,
as I thought I could fuse the clean HDPE together smoothly #-o
It is really solid though, even if it looks awful.

I'm glad I messed around with it as its a really, really good "free" material easily obtained
and I will definitely use it for projects in future

Hopefully this chisel aid will speed up things, as my wrist needs a rest
I'd be really interested to see some more chisel aid blocks and jigs if anyone has some to share.
Thanks folks