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By FatmanG
Hattori-Hanzo wrote:Thanks Chris.

I do hope to continue making these sorts of things in the future.
I had a few ideas for other tools that I'd liked to have started, so fingers crossed :?

You really do need to continue making. Amateur or professional is only a term given, in my eyes your planes are stunning as good as I've ever seen. I truly hope your situation settles down so you can continue to thrill us forumites with exceptional quality threads and craftsmanship.
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By Hattori-Hanzo
Thank you for the comment FatmanG. I'm still very eager to make another plane just need to settle in and see whats what for the time being.

For the long grooves, I made a shallow cut with a small hacksaw, then filed these with a 4" DEST file. The circular grooves were made by chucking the thumbscrew in my wood lathe, spinning it very slowly, and applying the file in the desired spot as it spun.

Thanks for the description Ian, sounds straight forward but I bet its much more difficult in practice to get just right.