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By Derek Cohen (Perth, Oz)
Sammy, good on Jake .... unfortunately his Photobucket account will not permit images, so I cannot view what he did. It appears he used a "fish scaler" rather than built a stop.

Steve, brass will not hold an edge well enough. It will soon dull. The steel is low enough to stay out of trouble. This idea is not original - there have been many similar stops over the years. BenchCrafted sells a steel one. It is quite safe.

Regards from Perth

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By Steve Maskery
My dad had one in his bench. It was spring loaded, screw operated. We used to love playing with it when we were little. My brother has it now.

On a slightly different note, I see you use a wooden spring to keep your dogs in place. I have the same. But mine have, over the years, yielded to the pressure of being permanently compressed. Most are still all right, but some have lost their grip. One has broken off. Have you experienced the same, by any chance?
By David C
The "springs" are easily replaced if they get tired.
Choice of material may have an influence on life. I have used Ash and Far Eastern Boxwood.

Best wishes,
By SammyQ


That any better? I haven't copied all of Jake's post, just the two most salient images.

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By AndyT
Thanks again Sam.
You wouldn't happen to have backed up the rest of photobucket would you? :wink:
By SammyQ
Andy, I DO have this post from Jake on modifying a Record 043 etc. The photos are intact on my HDD, not on Photobucket. There is a a 'plugin' allgedly to help with the Photophorkitup extortion of last year, so we CAN see photos from long ago. I found it of limited use, but you might get lucky!
If you want a copy of Jakes's articles, PM me.
Cheers, Sam