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By richarnold
Hi folks. I haven't posted here for a while. this was mainly due to my frustration at not being able to download images in the post, but having picked Andy t's brains today, I may have found a solution in Google Photo's!!!!.
We will be hosting our charity open workshop day on Saturday the 3rd of June Same format as in previous years. a selection of old tools, books, and other woodwork related items will be up for grabs. No set prices, you just make an anonymous donation of your own choice, and take what you want. If you feel like bringing anything along to add to the pile, please feel free to do so. We will be providing the usual BBQ, tea, coffees, and Cakes.
The workshop address is ,Unit 7 Dallacre farm, Wilbarston, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE168FE.
I have sorted a couple of items out to enter into the on line charity auction that is part of our open workshop charity day. This is all in aid of #macmilancancersupport. Some special items will be listed 2 weeks before the day, and you can bid anytime up till 3pm GMT on the day. So just to wet your appetite here are the first 3 items . A hand crafted dovetail gauge made by Tim Smith. This is hand dovetailed together using brass and a top of an old plane iron, beautifully engraved with a dove. Secondly a stunning sash fillister by Routledge of Birmingham. This has a solid box sole and boxing to the fence. Lastly my own " recycled " beech mitre plane. If any one wishes to donate any other items for this worthy cause, please let me know! 100% of all proceeds will go to this worthy charity.
Anyone can bid as I'm happy to post anywhere worldwide. Thank you for your support.
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By nabs
hi Richard, it is possible to link to google photos, but it is a bit of a faff. I attempted to explain it below.


1. use Chrome browser to navigate to the Google Photos directory in "Google Drive" :
2. locate and the click on the picture
3. use the icon that looks like a paperclip to create a shareable link (the link is automatically copied to the clipboard)
4. paste the link into this site - this will generate a new link which you can paste inside the [img] tags in your post.
By richarnold
Thanks for the advise folks.
The Google link worked for me, but is that because it's linked to my computer?
Anyway, I have reverted to "slower than a geriatric snail" photobuket, so hopefully you can all see the image now !
Looking forward to seeing old and new faces alike on the 3rd.
Cheers, Richard, and Kate
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By Doug B
memzey wrote:Ha ha!! Someone needs to invite Jacob - this place hasn't been the same without him!

I've not spoken to him since Xmas, is he banned again ?

More imporatantly is there a good curry house Richard or anyone else could recommend in the locality?
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By AndyT
I plan to be there again - it's always a great day out.

I seem to have acquired a spare copy of the current (3rd) edition of British Planemakers which can be auctioned.
(Note to anyone fairly new to woodworking and old tools - Richard's is a good place to find a lot of old wooden planes!)
If I find I can't be there in person, I'll post it to you.
By lurker
Doug B wrote:
More imporatantly is there a good curry house Richard or anyone else could recommend in the locality?

Richard's place is deep in the sticks.
I advise anyone who has not been before to carefully check on google earth on how to get there (the last 2 miles).

Can't you manage your habit for a few hours?
There will be an all day BBQ; you could bring hot sauce??
As Tom says if you drive home via the A6 you pass by Leicester's finest curry houses along London road and Belgrave road.