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By Weasel Howlett
Does anybody know a good supplier of HPL, both coloured and woodgrain finish. I could get formica but i would love to find a cheaper alternative.

Also does anybody know of a way to avoid bubbling when applying formica style laminates to plywood??
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By jasonB
Is there an Edens, James Latham, CF Andreson, Montigue Meyer, Lawcris near you they all do the Egger boards and matching laminates

Put strips of wood under the laminate at about 300mm cts, draw them out one at a time starting from the centre and press the laminate down as you go with something like a "J-roller"

By Weasel Howlett
Thanks for the comprihensive list there Jason. Looks like edens is the closest but will have to see if they do all i need. James lathams is pretty outstanding, and there ATP dept may be the winner offering lots of faced plywood stuff.

Thanks again
By Weasel Howlett
The trouble is that I need the finishes on plywood due to wanting the layered laminate look to the ends of the boards. Im not sure from their page that egger do plywood. Shame though.
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By Oryxdesign
Or you could band it with ply style edeging? Google Ostermeyer.