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By phil.p
Has anyone used one that wasn't very good? There's a fair difference in price. Likewise gilding creams?
By phil.p
In the absence of advice to the contrary I've order some Liberon liming wax and Liberon gilt cream - I'll see how it goes.
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A decent liming brush is well worth while to get it into the grain. Likewise, I often scorch the timber first (even if I’m going to spray ebonising lacqur on top) as again helps open the timber grain to revive the liming / gilt cream.

I’ve used the chestnut products so far and found them to be fine. Also have the Liberon verdigris wax and that’s fine too.

By phil.p
I have Fontenay base and a liming brush on the same order. There's an amazing range of prices for this stuff - some are over double others depending very much I suspect on the cost of the minimum order for free P&P. I ordered from Rest Express as their prices were good and the minimum order is £40 - which doesn't take much reaching. :D
I have blowtorches and (next spring, probably) will knock up or buy a sand blasting cabinet, as I have a decent compressor already. :D
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By mpcpba
My finishes mostly go on woodturned items.
I have had some modest success with Chestnut liming wax. Applied after staining / ebonising the wood first and then raising the grain with a brass brush so that the wax sits in and highlights the grain. Also used on open textured oak just to highlight the grain a little
I've used Liberon verdigris wax with less success. It leaves only a very faint finish and I've not yet got the hang of what base tone is best to use it over
Hampshire Sheen's range of coloured waxes (bronze, blue) also work well as an embellishment to a previously coloured item
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By mpcpba
phil.p wrote:In the absence of advice to the contrary I've order some Liberon liming wax and Liberon gilt cream - I'll see how it goes.

I've used chestnut gilt creams and find them quite effective when applied with thought. Expect Liberon to be similar

I have also used Rub'n Buff metallic finish waxes and find them to be extremely effective with great coverage for very little product. Just as well as they come in small 15ml tubes. It buffs up nicely and gives a stronger metallic finish than the gilt cream
I've also used Daler Rowney Goldfinger 'decorative metallic paste' which again can give a very consistent finish which can be over-coated with other finishes as I don't think it has any wax in it.
All good and slightly different in their potential use with the experimentation being the best part of colouring wood for me.