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By Owd Jockey
Hello. I'm new to the forum and am hoping that someone could help me identify the chuck I have been using for the past couple of years. It came on a second- hand APCT M900. The chuck works fine, but I would like to buy a set of spigot jaws for it. I have disassembled the chuck to clean it and could find no identifiable or branding marks on it. The chuck has a 1" 8tpi thread. Many thanks in advance.
By NazNomad
The only one that springs to mind with the ring-gear on the back is the Axminster SK80 (knowing me, there are likely 500 other types too) ... k-ax919059

If you fancied a trip to their Warrington store, you could probably get jaws to fit it.
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Yes, Axminster SK 80, (80mm) by the looks of it, accessory jaw to body diameter seems a little small for the SK100 (100mm) version. A simple diameter check would determine which though.

If confirmed as Axminster then any of their accessory jaws will fit the carriers regardless of chuck body size.
All Axminster chucks have the same carrier/accessory jaw standard.

100mm and 80mm accessory jaws will fit either body.
By Owd Jockey
Many thanks guys for your quick response. My apologies I should have given the chuck diameter which is indeed 100mm. It therefore does seem that it is a SK100. My nearest Axminster store is probably Nuneaton. Once again guys thanks.
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By Paul Hannaby
If its more than a couple of years old, it will be the K100, not the SK100. The difference is that the SK100 is made from stainless steel and cost around £40 more! All the variants of these use the same jaws and carriers so you have plenty to choose from!