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By PattyMac
I'm looking at using the laminated-MDF (not sure if that's the word) shower panels. The ones I've looked at are by SplashPanel. I've read good and bad reviews about theses panels in general.
Some say they warp/bulge, is it due solely to bad fitting, are they good generally...?? Does it really pay to buy the best?
We have put a shower in our downstairs toilet - will hardly ever use so it won't get much wear/use - however it made sense to do it while we had some alterations done.
Would really appreciate any reviews.
By Just4Fun
I used something similar a year or so back, to replace a glass shower panel that shattered. The panel was easy enough to work and the end result looked fine. So far there have been no problems with it. The shower is used daily by 3 people. I have no idea if the panel I used was high end or a cheapie, but it gave me the impression of being a decent product.
By PattyMac
Thanks for the reply - my husband seems to think it may be to do with the fitting re the panel which bulged (perhaps not enough sealant?). These panels seem great re not having to re-grout now and then but if something does go wrong it means having to remove the whole shower enclosure. However, as I said we don't intend to use it ourselves - it just seemed silly not to do the work when we had the space.
Again, thanks.
By graduate_owner
I have just lined my shower cubicle with 10mm thick twin wall plastic sheet, with a decorative finish. Take a look on DBS bathrooms site for the sort of thing I mean. A 1m x 2.4m sheet costs about £60. Rearo also sell them, cheaper, but not post free unless you spend £200. We bought ours from Rearo and had an extra 10% off - black Friday deal.

I have not yet tried out the shower but I have to say they do look good. I glued them onto the existing ceramic tiles after giving the tiles a good clean. I used a multi tool and straight edge to cut them to size

They look good, went up fairly easily and quickly, and were inexpensive, so I am pleased. There are no joints other than a corner strip so no grout to go mouldy.

By PattyMac
Thanks for the info. I've taken a look at the site - what exactly does it mean when it says tongue and groove - is it one complete continuous panel or is it in sections like tongue and groove wood panels?? I know it may seem ridiculous to ask but I can't see any explanation on the site. Not all of them are stated as being tongue and groove so presume there's a difference??
By graduate_owner
Hi Pattymac,
The panels I bought are 1 m wide and completely smooth, except for the click together grooves on each long side, so you could get widths in multiples of one metre just by clicking the panels together. I didn't do that because my shower is 960mm wide so I cut down the panels giving a completely smooth surface except for the corner.
You can get free samples from these firms to give you the idea, but more importantly to see the actual pattern and colour.
I said the panels are 1m wide, but some are narrower and some have a tile effect so have grooves, but I wanted a smooth easy clean surface. Their websites give you the various sizes they stock in the various patterns.
If you are interested then definitely ask for free samples.
Hop this helps.

By PattyMac
Thanks for all the advice - think we're going to go with these panels and give them a shot - they'll be easier and probably cheaper than tiles by the time we've paid someone to tile.
By graduate_owner
I think ours look very smart, and with no grout to discolour I am hopeful they will stay that way. I would definitely get samples though, then you can see the colour / pattern in the flesh.