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By UserError
I'm looking at re-lacquering a friend's yacht cabin floor. It is "teak and holly" veneered plywood - similar to the photo attached.
It is widely held that the manufacturer used Morrell's lacquer. However I rang them recently and the chap I spoke to wasn't able to contribute to that. He advised that from their current range, I should use 5**3/454 Range: Morseal Duo Acid Catalyst Flooring Lacquer. However, on a boaty group, someone stated that there are "many products superior to Morrell's" and I should ask on a woodworking forum... I've seen Ronseal Diamond hard varnish mentioned in a boat context and wondered if that was any good?
Can anyone advise a good product for brush or roller application, 1 or 2 pack is fine. Many thanks.
By GarF
I'd have thought Epifanes or International 2 pack. BUT unless you're planning to strip the old finish you'll need to check compatibility.