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By Mrs C
My little Katsu trimmer started sparking inside the motor housing this morning together with a very faint smell. Needles to say I stopped!

Is it worth changing the brushes (which is what I assume the problem is), or is it time for a replacement?

It’s been amazingly useful and has had no end of use, so owes me nothing.

By SammyQ
Nah. I had a wunnerful old B&D drill that had fireworks night inside the casing when working breeze blocks. Did it for years until the gearbox packed in.
That said, if you ARE getting a strong ozone odour, changing the brushes is probably on the cards. I've done my DW625e and it was a frustratingly fiddly, but 'doable' 40 minute job. My chipolata fingers didn't help.


Edit: "Needles to say "....gotta lurve autospell... :D
By novocaine
the Katsu comes with a spare set doesn't it?
swap them out and clean the commutator (the bit the brushs run on) while your at it. a little bit of isoproypl alcohol and an ear bud through the brush hole should do it.
By SammyQ
Yup. Just don't swipe emery paper etc round it "to clean off carbon deposits" according to urban myth... The metal dust will make the shorting out look like the Northern Lights!!