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By knockknock
I have this cheap, made in China, compact 21-LED Flashlight from Lee Valley tools:,43349

In the UK someone is probably selling a similar flashlight:


It is bright enough to be used as a regular flashlight. Here's some pictures along with my 18 volt Bosch flashlight. Also, I don't know how long it will last, as I haven't gone through the first set of 3 AAA batteries yet (only occasional use).
flashlight size
both flashlights
flashlight beam
flashlight comparison
By Turbo
Like you I was fed up with having to cycle through useless modes to get to a solid light beam so at xmas I bought myself a led lenser head torch.
It is a very well engineered thing with adjustable brightness, the dimmest setting is good enough for close up work, the brightest would blind the astronauts on the ISS! It also has adjustable focus. It uses 3 aaa nimh rechargable batteries that can be charged in the torch with a micro usb phone charger. The batteries last 1 hour at full power & 40h on low power.

They're not cheap but when you use it you will see why. I bought it on offer for £40, normal price around £60 but worth every penny.
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By squib
I saw a thing hanging under my car a couple of years ago and when I had a look I found a magnetic thing covered in mud and road dirt......its the best inspection lamp made by powerhand it is micro usb rechargeable and only 2 functions ; bright and super bright.
it has a fold out hook adjustable magnet bracket and stand and a pocket clip.
It would seem to be incredibly waterproof/tough ,I have no idea how long it has been under my car!
I must remember to ask the MOT man if it was his, its due soon!!
No photo but here is a link. ... 2323921579
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By Rhyolith
I have quite few led lenser torches including there flagship X21R which I got for free years ago to replace a faulty one :shock: I think a lot of them their focusing system is unparalleled and build quality excellent, they were my first port of call for this. Unfortunatly their lights typically are very focused and built for throw lacking a wide flood beam suitable for close work, and though they do actaully do a penlight its only 18 lumens... might as well use a phone.

Impressive durablilty, not many lights would still be usable after being under a car for ages! Only thing is thats only 170 lumens, not much for £30.

Was looking at these Nebo Larry lights in one of my local tool stores, they seem ridiculously good for the cost! They also do two larger versions 400 & 500 lumens called Big larry’s :wink: I was also impressed by the build quality, much better than I was expecting. Its just red modes... Might be worth it for 400-500 lumens for under £30.
By Mark A
I was in "The Range" yesterday looking for storage boxes and saw a stand with all manner of inspection lights and torches, all cheap. There was one, a Ring LED light (same style as the Larry mentioned above) which seemed to have a simple on/off switch.

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By AndyT
On the strength of this thread I've just bought a Lil Larry. Impressively bright and compact. The slightly less bright mode could be useful, though I hope I don't need the flashing red. But very simple to scroll through the modes.
Only £10 delivered, from Plumbing Supplies Direct, via eBay.
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By Andy K
I have several Thrunite lights from tiny to very large (yes I'm a bit of a torch addict) and they have always been reliable and robust.
By MusicMan
I've recently got a work light from Homebase.Can't see it immediately online, but it has a folding base, so you can stand it at many angles, is a matrix of lights so is a diffuse source, and best of all, uses a standard USB charger which one has in profusion anyway - saves another power source to lose!
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By Andy K
Another option just arrived, Big Larry Pro it is a great evolution of the previous models. It has three light functions White, Red and flashing red with the white and static red also benifiting from adjustable brightness.

Importantly it has a solution for the OP's function woes once any mode has been used for more than 8 seconds the next press of the button just turns it off. =D>

It also has a built in battery and magnetic charger base which works brilliantly, its my new favourite light.

And all for under £30 they are proving popular, the supplier which I got mine from is out of stock two days after adding them to their range.
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By Rhyolith
Yes these where the ones I saw in the tool shop and think I am sold on it, 500 lumens is damn impressive!

Next time I go to town, I’ll be getting one.
By Ford Anglia
I was looking for a worklight I could use close to the business end of a variety of machines and came across the Lightway Multifunction LED Torch on sale since Sunday 18th at Aldi.

200 lumens COB, magnetic swivel base... I'm prepared to put up with it's "multifunction" switch at a price tag of £4.99.

They also have a more compact version (180 lumens from memory) at the same price.