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By Rory
Hi all, so I made a bath panel out of marine ply and I want to paint it a blue colour. I know I need to seal it first but what with? Complete novice so lay it out for me like you would for a 7 year old, no... 5 year old :l thanks
By Sgian Dubh
Primer + undercoat + top coat, or some appropriate variation of that routine dependent upon the chosen paint solvent/carrier. Follow the guidance on the tin of your chosen top coat. For example, if your chosen top coat is a waterborne blue, use whatever that top coat tells you to use on the bare wood as a primer (and for an undercoat if that's what's specified). Similarly, if you go the oil/solvent base top coat route, follow the guidance printed on that can.

Essentially, the paint is the sealer. Slainte.
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By MikeG.
Personally, I'd be using Bedec Multi-Surface Paint (MSP). No primer required, although I would paint all around, paying particular attention to the edges.