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By TFrench
I'd say plasma, I've found with ours you can draw with sharpie or paint pen and see well enough through an auto darkening hood to follow it.

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By sunnybob
Scaremongering? No. Every point made was valid, and hammered home to me again and again at training and certification courses over 25 years in the industry. These courses always included pictures of the ones who got it wrong.
If I can save one person from that, my day has not been in vain.

Forewarning is a better word for my comments.
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monkeybiter wrote:That is rather lovely.

The most uncomercial laid back place I've ever visited. Off season, spend hours on the beaches or walking the rain forest trails and never see another person.
The property the previous image taken from is visible in line with the gap at the top of the ramp. The highest Green roof.
Walk down to the jetty when the fishermen come in for a fresh Barracuda, Marlin or whatever. Swim with the Pelicans and Frigate Birds diving for fish.
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By monkeybiter
Location added. I have a mentally stored list of places to visit, there are a lot. Let's see how long I live. 8)