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PostPosted: 11 Jan 2018, 19:10 
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wallace and his Wadkin lathe (wadkin-rs-restoration-t109909.html) inspired me to make a thread specifically dedicated to my restoration attempts of my first large industrial machine. This kinda follows on from this thread: milling-machine-for-steam-engines-t108613.html?start=15 but all elements of the restoration will be covered here, will try to keep them in chronological order.

Its a Toolroom vertical mill, dating from the 1940s-50s:

This is what it looked like when it first arrived in my workshop:

ImageHenry Milnes Milling Machine by Rhyolith, on Flickr
ImageHenry Milnes Milling Machine by Rhyolith, on Flickr
ImageHenry Milnes Milling Machine by Rhyolith, on Flickr

First thing I did was wash it down with paraffin, rags, wire wool and wire brushes. Mainly just so I could see what was there! After that (which took a while) it looked like this:

ImageHenry Milnes Milling Machine by Rhyolith, on Flickr
ImageHenry Milnes Bradford by Rhyolith, on Flickr

Next started to examine it for mechanical issues. The first obvious issue was the table side to side movement was stiff, so started dismantling that.

ImageUnder the Bed by Rhyolith, on Flickr

This bearing was clearly stiff (possibly the problem) but I could not get into it without a specialised spanner for these nuts of a sort I have never seen before.

ImageTable Drive Nuts by Rhyolith, on Flickr

I think the required tool is a "hook" spanner... anyway I found this on eBay recently which finally allowed for progress!

ImageWillaims Adjustable Hook Spanner by Rhyolith, on Flickr

That worked and the whole winding assembly is not in bits, I think the nuts where actually the problem, they were too tight. All the same the whole lot will be cleaned and re-lubricated before re-assmbly.

That takes it to today, where I wanted to try and get at the winding mechanism for lifting the table, which is a tad stiff I think. Almost immediately I find a nut that needs another type of hook spanner... back to eBay :roll:

ImageTable Depth Adjuster by Rhyolith, on Flickr


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PostPosted: 11 Jan 2018, 21:06 
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Very interesting Rhyolith. Those old bits of machinery were really good weren't they? But you've got some guts taking that lot on. Best of luck Sir, I envy you (I don't have the space), and admire your courage in taking that little lot on. All power to yer elbow mate.

BTW, just trying to be helpful, but I think your "hook spanner" is more properly called a "C" spanner. (And if the "slots" in the nuts that the spanner actually locates into are round holes, like I THINK I see in your last pic, then the spanner is called a "Peg" spanner). Not nit picking, but having the correct name may help you a bit with t'internet searches.


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